Stop Garnishments

Stop Garnishments

Garnishment Hits Where it Hurts, the Paycheck

Garnishments can be devastating to your financial situation.  Often, you are living paycheck to paycheck.  Maybe you have a little money left over each month, but when you receive a garnishment you can barely get by.  My office can help you figure out a solution to this big problem.

It can be depressing and humiliating to have your employer withhold funds from your paycheck for a creditor.  Garnishment doesn’t have to ruin your life.  You can take back control of your paycheck and budget by filing a Bankruptcy.  By speaking with a Bankruptcy Attorney in my office, you can begin the process.  When you file a Bankruptcy, all collection activity is Stayed.  This means that garnishments can be prevented from going into effect.  It also means that if you are currently being garnished, the creditor must immediately stop the garnishment.

Begin Getting the Upper Hand on that Garnishment

Often there is a rush to file a bankruptcy before a garnishment starts taking money from your check.  While it is not ideal to lose money that way, the timing may not be right to file just yet.  This is a cost-benefit analysis that you and your attorney should weigh carefully.  Not only do you want to avoid filing inaccurate documents with the Bankruptcy Court, but you want to take the time necessary to avoid leaving assets unnecessarily exposed if they are left entirely off of your Schedules.  Also, it is important to note that sometimes you can recover money that was taken by a garnishment.

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